creating a better future for the UK - one baby at a time

Our History


PIP UK was founded in 2012 by Andrea Leadsom MP alongside the 1001 Critical Days Manifesto with the vision of giving every baby the best possible start in life.

Prior to the formation of PIP UK, two sister charities were independently providing parent-infant mental health services. The first of these was OXPIP, established in Oxford in 1998, followed by NorPIP established in Northampton in 2011.

The development of these organisations highlighted the need to set up a national body (PIP UK) to develop a network of similar PIPs. Following incorporation in August 2012, PIP UK developed an infrastructure to support this development by producing a toolkit to assist interested parties with applications for funding. In June 2013, interested parties were invited to apply for funding to support the creation of local PIP services.

PIP services to date have been set up in Liverpool (LivPIP), with services commencing in January 2014; Enfield (EPIP), which launched in September 2014; Brighton (BrightPIP), which launched as a small pilot in May 2015; Croydon (Croydon Best Start PIP), which launched in May 2016, and Newcastle (NewPIP), which launched in January 2017.

We are currently working with sites across all four nations for further development of the PIP network.

Our detailed evolution can be viewed as part of our annual accounting: