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Our Mission


Our vision is a society of emotionally secure children who grow up to become socially responsible adults.

Our mission is to drive forward the accessibility and quality of UK wide specialist parent-infant relationship services to support parent-infant relationship difficulties.


What is a specialist parent-infant relationship service?

Specialist parent-infant relationship services work with families where parents or caregivers are experiencing difficulties in their early relationships with their babies. These services work with families experiencing the most severe, complex and/or persistent difficulties, whose needs cannot be met by universal services alone.

These services focus specifically on the parent-infant relationship and early interactions. They accept referrals for children under 2 and their parent(s). Their goal is to overcome challenges, promote existing strengths and build capacities to enable parents to provide the sensitive, responsive and appropriate care that their babies need to thrive.

Specialist parent-infant services are multidisciplinary teams with a range of skills and a toolbox of evidence-based interventions that they can use to support the relationships between parents and their baby. They offer families an individualised programme of work, delivered by highly skilled professionals with specialist expertise. This might include individual or group work, at home or in community settings.

Specialist parent-infant services also use their expertise to provide support and leadership across the local system. This includes providing training, supervision and consultancy to other professionals and working at a strategic level to support the development and effective operation of local services and care pathways.