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Liverpool Parent Infant Partnership


The Liverpool PIP is situated at 18 Seel Street, Liverpool, L1 4BE

Liverpool Parent Infant Partnership (LivPIP) was established in 2014 as a complimentary service to the existing PSS Postnatal Depression Service and we have developed a team of 4 practitioners:

Michael Galbraith, Clinical Psychologist

Isabell Blundell, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

Wendy Thomas, Therapist

Karen Phillips, Specialist Practitioner

The Liverpool PIP is supported by the local charity PSS.


LivPIP take referrals from across the city and this can be done by contacting LivPIP directly on  0151 702 5533 or by Email.  Referrals can come from parents themselves or through a professional already working with the family i.e. midwife, health visitor, family nurse, GP, children's centre worker among others.

We offer support in the home and across the city’s network of children’s centres.  The type of support we offer includes:

Supporting families in a variety of ways and focusing wholly on the parent-baby relationship. A variety of individual or group approaches are offered to promote the development of a sensitive bond from parent to baby and a secure attachment from baby to parent.

Therapeutic interventions include:

Parent Infant Psychotherapy; 

Video Based Guidance; 

Family Therapy/Systemic Psychotherapy;

and play based work. 

Most of the individual work is carried out in the family home and group work is always at a children’s centre or Liverpool Women’s Hospital. The groups we offer are:

Mellow Bumps; 

Mellow Babies and;

Watch, Wait and Wonder.

LivPIP also offers consultation to any professional who has concerns about a parent’s relationship with their bump or infant. Relationships in the family, a parent’s emotional state and beliefs, whether the parent has the capacity for psychological therapy, and the factors that can have a negative impact on the parent/baby relationship, will all be discussed.

LivPIP has established a parents steering group and this group consults on all matters relating to Parent and Baby wellness service delivery. These families have provided feedback on existing and future services and contributed to wider initiatives such as PRAMS forum.


LivPIP will make support available to all families and carers across Liverpool who are finding it difficult to form a secure relationship with their baby. LivPIP will also support professionals by providing training and guidance and this will allow us to develop a shared language – sharing skills and experiences with each other and a deeper understanding of when and how interventions work.


LivPIP will play a crucial part in the Early Intervention work of the city. Our vision is to have a society of emotionally secure children who have had a secure attachment formed with a parent or caregiver at an early stage, and therefore grow up to be socially responsible adults.